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Freedom of Expression

November 30, 2008
By ayaman PLATINUM, Tenafly, New Jersey
ayaman PLATINUM, Tenafly, New Jersey
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Art isn’t just sketching drawing and painting. No, it’s much more than that. Art is writing, poetry, acting, singing, dancing; art is anything. Art is what you want it to be. Art is like beauty, it lies in the eye of the beholder. Art is not an object, it is not a person, it is not an idea. It is much more than that. Art is an imaginary container, flexible enough to fit any category and fits the smallest, most specific focus at the same time.

It is seen by everyone in a different way. You ask an artist what art is, they will say art is anything. Art is anything. Art is a beauty and ugly at the same time. To one person, art is beautiful, and to another, it is repulsive. But that is because we are human. Humans see everything differently because every person has a different personality. Humans are flawed. Therefore, our views on art are flawed. Art is flawed. But, at the same time, art is perfect.

Again, art is anything. It is alive, it is dead, it never possessed life in the first place. It is manmade, it is artificial, it is natural, it is real. Any shape or form, it is art. The world, the universe, anything. It is impossible to grasp. Think about it, millions of people living on this planet. Billions, even. It is not a concept you can understand, no matter how hard you try. You will never see 6 billion of anything. I don’t even know how many people live on Earth, but each and every one of them sees art differently.

And try understanding that! 6 billion people! More, actually. Even the sheer number of our species is art. See, the fact of the matter is, art is inconceivable. It’s like a dream you can’t control, or a toy just out of a child’s grasp. Art is like life. There is no true meaning, there is no definition, no matter how hard scientists try.

Art is the freedom of expression. If you can’t get your opinion through writing, because it may influence others, then you can paint it. Or, if you can’t get your emotions out with words, a chord on the guitar may just do it. Maybe it isn’t even you who’s doing the art. Maybe you let it all out by watching a movie, or reading a book, or listening to music, or even going out and looking at the world. Maybe it’s traveling that will let you accept the world for how it is. Just seeing the world in its true, raw, and unchanged form lets you know there are some things in life you can’t control or avoid.

And maybe that’s just it. Maybe art is so simple, that we can’t wrap our heads around it. Because everything in life is so convoluted, (or at least that’s just what it’s like when we humans are done with it) then so is art. But life isn’t complicated. Therefore, neither is art. We just think it is. And that’s another part of our expression through art.

Most of us will never learn that life isn’t as complicated as we think it is, and just by thinking it is, we make it complicated. That’s when art comes in. When we express ourselves, when we put all our energy into art, the world melts away, and all there is, is just us; us and our art, which is just another part of us. So, then, when we are expressing ourselves, we are living in the moment: another aspect of art.

Living in the moment is the truest, purest form of life and art. When you live in the moment, you are your true self. This ties back to art because when you are expressing your self, you and only you goes into what you are doing. The most common time people live in the moment is during sports. You will only live in the moment if you are doing a sport you love, however. If you’re playing tennis, but absolutely despise tennis (not saying you do), you’ll probably spend most of your time thinking about how much you hate tennis. But, if you’re playing soccer, and absolutely love soccer (again, not saying you do), all you’ll be thinking about is soccer.

So, through love, comes art. Art can be connected to anything. It is like a maze that leads to nowhere in particular, never stops being created, never stops being added on to, but always comes right back to art. Again, art is anything. But, what is my point? I could go on and on, talking about the different forms of art, I could make a list, or I could write a 200-page book on it. But, that’s not what I’m going for here.

My point is, art can’t be specified, can’t be classified, can’t be measured, can’t be grasped, it can’t be understood. But, then again, it can’t be generalized. I mean, how do I know that art is anything and everything at the same time? Impossible, right? I can’t know what art actually is, because, as I said before, art is what you want it to be, art is anything, art is in the eye of the beholder. So, just because I think art is everything doesn’t mean that you do. That’s why they call it an opinion. I could be totally and completely wrong, but, how would you know?

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i know this has nothing to do with freedom of expression...but have you ever heard the quote:

Art is lies that tell the truth