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The World of Books

March 13, 2009
By Jennifer Cuevas BRONZE, Berwyn, Illinois
Jennifer Cuevas BRONZE, Berwyn, Illinois
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The thing that I love the most would have to be books. I love the way books can go beyond you imagination. It provides stories that can never happen in life or reality. Or sometimes it can help a person with a problem or make you happy. I mean really who would want to see a movie based off a book that ends up looking really bad. Also it's free too to read a book. You can go to your own public library and get it for three weeks the most. While a movie costs about ten bucks a movie. It gets very expensive and it's a waste of time. Also the reading has more detail and movies can get boring with the details. Words bring a book to life. It really is an obsession, reading, especially nonstop everyday. Reading helps me concentrate and ignore the entire ruckus that is going on in the real world. Reading is a passion and I think that people should do it more often, I mean look at school students, half the time kids do not know how to read and it is really sad that our students do not know. Either they require reading more in English classes or they just do something. Reading is important in many jobs and not knowing how to or having difficulties can cause some problems. What sucks the most is when they are trying to ban the books from libraries. I mean its people opinions and choice on what they want to read I think that no one should say what is right to read or wrong. That is horrible books are just ideas that someone can read about and just enjoy it. Yes, it can cause thinking and change your values in life, but that is up to that one person.

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