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February 1, 2009
By Charlotte Ciobanu, Murrieta, California
Charlotte Ciobanu, Murrieta, California
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Flowers next to my house

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George M. said...
on Sep. 15 2009 at 7:54 pm
Beauty comes accross our way at every moment of our life, sometimes naked, sometimes wearing the modest dress of quietness and serenity, but it stays there all the time, it blossoms and ripe at the warmth of our sign of attention, it shies away if we do not have eyes to catch it. It needs a keen sense of observation, a genuine inclination to separate the flowers from the weeds, an inside warmth to understand the beauty of a field of wild flowers, a delicately populated mind to feel the pulse of life under the quiet serenity of the nature to make you stop and shoot the richness and the hidden beauty of ht Flowers next to my house. The photographer proves she has the chromosomes of an artistic inclination and the chosen subject invites to dreaming. Congratulations. George M., San Diego.

cheyb88 SILVER said...
on Sep. 14 2009 at 11:29 pm
cheyb88 SILVER, Saint Joseph, Missouri
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I like your overall work but detail is important so maybe if you had gotten close up on the or caught them at an angle it would have been more intresting but good picture overall. take a peek at mine maybe i could inspire you or something lol jk