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a desperate cry.

April 10, 2009
By Bry ward SILVER, Lake Almanor, California
Bry ward SILVER, Lake Almanor, California
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She was only looking for a reason to live,
Exploring her options and hoping to find something big,
Screaming voices of displeasure,
Hoping for a little inspiration,
But all she found was surprising depression,
All around whispers of failure,
No one there would mind to save her,
Slowly she descended to a world she couldn’t breathe in,
Slowly suffocating by the harsh comments sent out by the ones that are supposed to love her most,
Just wishing for someone to understand her,
She started to drown in the world she took on to quick,
Treading water she tried to swim,
But greediness in the world forced people to not share the air ,
They barely glanced up to care,
Pleading for help,
She desperately cried out,
Reaching her hand up but no one would grab her out,
She laid there helpless and by herself,
In the back of her head
she held a conclusion,
that in her mind nothing will ever be fine,
to their eyes no one will ever understand why she cries,
or the pain hidden behind her empty hopeless smile,
Yet never thoughtless,
she began to believe she can come home,
But she would have to survive solely on her own.

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