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One Glance

March 29, 2009
By Aryelle PLATINUM, Scottsbluff, Nebraska
Aryelle PLATINUM, Scottsbluff, Nebraska
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One glance and you’re gone,
Beyond all chance of rescue or return;
Some things you just can’t deny.
Yeah this is make believe,
Just a dream that never ends.
This is life, baby, at its best.
Live and let die has never meant more;
Live and let live never less.
This is gritty and uncomfortable,
Like sand in your mouth;
Or were those words of explanation?
This is rough and unforgiving,
Like anger misdirected.
You can take a deep breath
And keep your nose above water,
Or learn to inhale the sea.
Those birds circling round you?
They await your quick collapse.
Carrion eaters, scavengers,
You are their promise of life.
Your life will not be easy
And there are no guarantees
But short ethereal moments
Will make the fight worth the pain.
In my sunset you may find pleasure
A quick smile, perhaps a laugh.
My night is starless and cold,
Only the moon shines bright.
The sun is kind for me,
Setting fire to the landscape.
You have magic in your gaze
Trapped and calling for escape
Unleash it on the world
For all the good it may do you.
The world will not stop spinning
Simply because you love
No more will the sun not rise
Because your love is gone
No night can last forever,
Just as nothing gold can stay.
This isn’t how things are supposed to be
Pray tell, what else is there?
You may rage and complain to the sky,
The rain will still fall.
Your tears will not wash away
All that has hurt you.
There are no promises,
Save that tomorrow will come at midnight
Let go of yourself and all your thoughts,
Freedom lies on the impersonal wind.
But even freedom has purpose
And yours is still unknown.
Go out into the day,
You will not die in the sun.
Go out and see what exists,
For there is much more than you know.
It’s possible you will find
The reason to your life
Amidst the uncaring masses;
And maybe you won’t.
Maybe you will wander,
Continuously searching
For what you know not;
But won’t your adventures be grand?
I’ll send a postcard as you journey,
A small reminder of prison.
And, if you are lucky,
In one abrupt second
All will itself reveal;
You will see infinity and fear not;
Never will be all around you.
You will stand with eyes wide
In all the worlds in all the times
Nothing will ever be worth as much
As that one glance.

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