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Love 2

April 23, 2009
By blingblang4eva ELITE, Fayetteville, Georgia
blingblang4eva ELITE, Fayetteville, Georgia
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in love with someone we don’t know
is like being in a relationship all alone
I fell in love with you
and I didn’t even know who you are
I just liked the idea of you
the ideas of us
in love forever
I painted my own version of you in my mind
it was very different from reality
beginning to end
the portrait I painted was all pretend
but I made myself believe it was true
it was the real you
so with my false picture
I’d see you in person
expecting a whole lot more
and was floored when you were not as depicted
I thought love was loving each other
you taught me love was cheating with another
I thought love was made for two
you taught me love was me, her, and you
you injured all my relationships
with the scars of your abuse
it tightens it’s grip on me like a noose
after the scars healed
and I dealt with the pain
I figured out what love is

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