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mama up above

April 17, 2019
By sara-a-bear GOLD, Brandon, Mississippi
sara-a-bear GOLD, Brandon, Mississippi
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- Chris Young

Talk to her.
Let her listen to you,
Or are you just too stubborn?
Just too ashamed to admit the man you’ve become?
Curing grief with liquor?
Man, that’s no way to stay alive.
Talk to her,
Talk to her like you did when she was here,
She’s still listening,
But she doesn’t have anyone to listen to.
Don’t you think that breaks her heart?
She knows you think about her,
But you don’t even talk about her.
You write and write
Until your hands bleed,
But you bottle up your pain
Like it’s aerosol,
And you’ll be high
If you keep living like this –
You can’t live like this!
You have to stay alive,
You can’t drink your feelings away!
In case you forgot,
You’re a human –
Humans have feelings
Humans also have livers
You need your liver and you need your feelings
Because we need you alive.

The author's comments:

My best friend is battling alcoholism. His mom passed away when he was 6 or 7, and he's taken it really hard.

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