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May 2, 2009
By musiclover71 ELITE, Hutto, Texas
musiclover71 ELITE, Hutto, Texas
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i keep fallin
for the next guy here or there
when he or him shows me some attention
it's like an addiction i have nothing to do with
it's his fault you see,
he broke my heart
now i try to be careful for who i care for
it's not easy being me.
i love this guy but he won't talk to me
i'm falling for one of my guy friends and i don't want to
i find myself thinking about him
all. the. time.
i really just noticed this week, this month maybe?
who knows?
Love is difficult
but liking someone is worse.
its great to feel adored but when you realize its all fake or they were "just being nice"
it hurts.
but loving sumone to the point where you just want them to be happy is amazing.
its okay.
it will be.
always in the end.
love is hard.
it'll hurt you , break you.
but liking someone who's just a friend is worse.

especially when you think you might

love them.


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