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Love first

May 3, 2009
By Poet4God DIAMOND, Houston, Texas
Poet4God DIAMOND, Houston, Texas
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Trying to fit in, I hope I'm worth fighting for. It's not as easy as I thought, am I too much time of yours? I thought love could override, sometimes other things could be pushed aside. But I guess I'm wrong. I just want to belong. Everyone wants to be needed sometime, I never thought this mountain would be such a climb, but it's okay. You're worth it anyway. We've all got things, a schedule of our own, but I didn't realize I'd be left all alone. Seems I'm always picked last. I guess I'll just take it, day by day, living on the words you seldom say. I'll be alright. It's just another one of those nights. I here your voice crackle, at the end of our talk, I may take a stroll; a midnight walk. Thinking about the few words you said and maybe I can sing myself to bed.

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