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May 10, 2009
By Kelsey Ottmann SILVER, LaGrange, Maine
Kelsey Ottmann SILVER, LaGrange, Maine
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The world is in the midst of explosions
Colorings bursting forth inhabiting
The green likehood of chloroplasts who
struggle to survive this last gleaming fall

Yes the leaves bleed now, but who knows why this
Set army of miniature eruptions
Leaks out a battered array of these shades
Colors tap the tree line creating stark contrast between
Crisp blue-lit skies and autumn color schemes
The leaves shine today this is their moment
They freely burst forth-creating beauty

Soon the dead remains of vegetation
Will litter the earth’s floor creating a
Carpet bedded with crisp leftovers that
Crunch out a steady rhythm under feet

But for now the leaves bleed beautiful things.

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