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This Man

May 10, 2009
By Kelsey Ottmann SILVER, LaGrange, Maine
Kelsey Ottmann SILVER, LaGrange, Maine
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He has traveled the world,
From the depths of the sea,
To jungles, open fields, and mountaintops.
He has seen sights most would beg to forget.
This man has done the impossible.
He has watched buildings crumble to the ground,
With innocent faces pressed to the windows.
This man has stood brave and strong on the front lines.
He has fired weapons running down narrow streets,
And hosted our flag high on a sandy beach.
This man has experienced more then we can imagine.
He has watched bombs plummet to the ground,
And helped a fallen solider to his feet.
This man has handed out teddy bears to innocent children,
And cradled a sobbing orphan in his arms.
This man has lost a friend, a brother.
This man left his family behind.
This man’s face is scarred with dust and pain,
And his memory is etched with stories of war.
This man has served you, me, and countless Americans.
He is the reason we are free.
This man is a veteran.

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