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Afternoon Dancing

May 10, 2009
By Kelsey Ottmann SILVER, LaGrange, Maine
Kelsey Ottmann SILVER, LaGrange, Maine
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Sunlight leaks through dusty windows and cracked shades
illuminating trinkets and medicine bottles lining the shelves
Speckles of dust and traces of magic float through the air
visible in the fading light along with sweet melody
Chords of Jewel fill in all the empty spaces
her rich voice proclaiming world renowned sensitivity
Only for us to hear.

My young hands are cupped firmly in palms
much bigger than my own
The thickening smell of frying vegetables
blended with chopped herbs fills my senses
Our fingers are intricately laced far over my head
I throw back my body letting peals of laughter
and unfiltered sunlight dance across my face
Faint sizzling from the kitchen creates a peaceful tone
to match the soothing music echoing out of a dusty radio.

My small feet are clad in rose-red socks
which climb onto the firm tops of his shoes
standing on a solid form that holds me together
With feet bound together and legs bumping
gracefully we twirl around the kitchen
My loose brown hair flying in every direction
eyes wide with wonder and colorful excitement.

He grasps my thin pinky and motions me into a twirl
and off I go spinning in an clumsy manner
His voice leaks out off key mumblings which cant compare
to the power of Jewels throaty tone.
I soak it in.

He slides me across that shiny floor
between his purposely spread legs.
I shriek in delight at this new dance move
the prospect of gliding across cold hardwood flooring
He pulls me back to standing and into his arms.

He picks me up right under my armpits
making me squeal and erupt with tickle-induced laughter
Soon I’m flying through the air
bangs flattened against my forehead
sticky fingers holding on for dear life
And I come to a safe landing
right back on his feet.

We dance timelessly as dinner burns on the stove
and the suns slides lower into its descent
The atmosphere is thick with childhood innocence and love
mingling with spots of laughter
and the joy written across my freckled face.

In this snapshot of time I know what it is
to be content and carefree
With strong hands grasping my fingers
I feel protected like never before
Dancing in this moment
I am happy.

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