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Storm on the Sea Shore

May 14, 2009
By littlemsawkward ELITE, Holbrook, Massachusetts
littlemsawkward ELITE, Holbrook, Massachusetts
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"To be great is to be misunderstood." ((Ralph Waldo Emerson))

Take me to the shoreline
Where land kisses the sea
So that we may be together
Alone, just you and me.

Wait for a storm to hit
One of utmost violence
Where lightening flashes brightly
And thunder shatters silence

Let's watch God at work
As the raindrops pour on down
Let us walk the beach
While there's no one else around

Love, be not afraid
Though the weather causes fright
I would not mind in the least
If we died here tonight

Let's take a little risk
And swim between the waves
Let's laugh in danger's face
Though here may be our graves

Let's taste the snow white foam
And breathe the salty air
Let's rise on up to Heaven
No one will find us there

Let's do the impossible
And swim across the ocean
I'm quite sure than in Hell
We will cause a commotion

The deep blue is wild
Wide as it is untamed
Let's tempt fate and destiny
To them we are unnamed

Let's float across the open
As dark as it is vast
Don't you love this feeling
But emotions never last

Let us love life as it is now
And greet death with a smile
We're too young to die, aren't we?
That won't happen for a while

But if I had to die I would
As long as you're by my side
I hope you wouldn't mind too much
Coming along for the ride

I would not want to spend a day
A week, a month, a year
I always want you with me
I need you desperately, dear

Stay with me for now
Stay with me forever
I know it's a long time
But so is permanent never

My words do not make sense
For they canot express
How alone I would feel
The utter loneliness

Losing you is by far
My deepest, darkest fear
Just thinking about it
My eyes are wet with tears

Brush my cheek with your hand
Whipe them all away
Baby, don't abandon me
Don't leave me here today

I look past the horizon
How can it be so far?
Distance is a cruel thing
Because Distant's where you are

The sea is calm, the day has come
The sun is out of hiding
What rules keep us apart?
By what laws are we abiding?

I feel all open and exposed
Naked, with no protection
When was I able to raise my voice?
Make known my objection

As the sky darkens quicky
And my tears begin to fall
I consider the possibilities
Maybe I'll end it all

The crack of thunder begins the process
The tears cascade down my face
The bolt of lightening strikes
You were my most amazing grace

The rain starts to fall
Fast and hard and cold
What happened to our future?
It's a love story never told

I drew a heart in the sand
The waves pulled it out to sea
I drew my heart in your hand
And the world pulled you from me

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