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A Hearts Fault

January 16, 2021
By Sweetheart-Frog GOLD, Warsaw, Indiana
Sweetheart-Frog GOLD, Warsaw, Indiana
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A heart's fault is the never ending need for affection, the fiery need for passionate emotion, but more often than not its once fiery passion is drained and left a cold dry mess. A harsh and ragged terrain littered with wasted love and monstrous feelings, the heart forever left broken like beautifully broken shards of glass. Those who dare traverse its horrifying terrain often fall into the sudden dark pits of the heart's empty crevices. The fall is not a pleasant floating sensation, it's a never ending drop, covered in darkness falling on and on till the inevitable crash upon the treacherous sands and slowly filled with black seas rushing to the body as it struggles to breathe and gasps for air. It's as though it will never end the lack of air and the heavy weight of pressure forcing the body down more and more as water soon fills the lungs, sinking the body more and more into the black seas never ending depths. Occasionally a light shines through the hole above the body so far away it's often snuffed out and once again left like the rising of the sun, a tease of life's cruelty. Thoughts of grief and pain fill the thoughts like sharp daggers digging into the body's mind, leaving it crushed and withered, a wilted flower of a once beautiful and glorious rose. So the body begins to sink and stops struggling allowing itself to sink, no longer fighting the weakness of its own mind. Soon red crimson liquid leaks from the body's limbs spilling into the ocean, staining the black ocean a dark mahogany for all the world to see, but then the flickers of passing light surge through the depths, a sudden rush of realization hits the body as the water slowly drains away, allowing the body to pull itself back to shore. Laying in agonizing pain on the rough sand. The eyes can no longer see from the constant floods always passing through, but the ears have become more attuned, it waits and listens. The silence is a reminder of how the once beautiful world was caught in a flame and burned to ash left with mountains of lifeless rock and jagged peaks. How has the body survived the struggle of self inflicted pain of constant survival. It hungers and screams its internal cries, but it has been alone for years, left by others to scavenge for itself. They taunted it with glimpses of sunshine, fields of glorious light and never ending love. This is an infectious thought, driving its way into the thought like a deadly parasite, giving what seems like false hope. The body convulses, and the once beating heart quickens its pace, a ringing sound shrieks in its ears, and the color blue covers the thoughts of its mind, and suddenly the heart stills. And the internal seeps through the body's skin, making the once internal emotion present on its outer surface. The skin burned, scarred and bruised, its hair ripped and blackened, its eyes lifeless and pale. Another soul thrown to the void, finally at peace after the lifetime of struggle it will no longer feel.

The author's comments:

This price was written during a very hard point in my life and I'm both scared and relieved to share it.

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