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no, i don't use punctuation. i am too tired.

May 23, 2009
By M.McK SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
M.McK SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
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i was a manifestation of yes and no
before and after
and maybe
that "if" that lingers in the back of all of our skulls
my fingertips fall in speed to the music
the song is fast
and my ideas aren't

the song is about a swingset
and the ideas are speeding up.
do you remember it was a swingset?
where everything changed
i drew a map on your hand the day we met
and my elbows were sharp
and i tell myself to remember to breathe
every time you leaned in close to me

and the next song is slow
and my ideas are coming up short
i don't regret anything
we'll still have our jokes
so that doesn't bother me
but no seems like a better time than ever
to finally try to put myself to sleep

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