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A Minds Darkness

March 26, 2021
By Sweetheart-Frog GOLD, Warsaw, Indiana
Sweetheart-Frog GOLD, Warsaw, Indiana
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Beyond the body is the mind, a far more fierce world than the heart, it isnt a set world fixed with its environment, it's ever changing as the body grows and experiences more and more. Somedays the mind is a soft lucious world filled with fields of roses and grass separated by glowing diamond rivers. Other days the mind can be harsh blizzards of icy daggers digging into the earth ripping away at its protective layers. Some days it's a fiery death trap of hurling boulders crashing into the earth often breaking through the mind's mental barriers and entering the body's physical world casting its flames upon everyone who dares near the body's endless fury. Nature can only take so much pain before it starts to crack and turn to dust leaving deserted lands of black sands and remains of once happy dreams that have been lost to the void, a treasure impossible to find. The skies blackened with fear and sadness, its air heaving allowing for little room to breathe as it suffocates the body from inside. The body can be well, without flaw or blemish, but the mind can be a wasteland of dark thoughts, broken promises, and reminiscent dreams that the mind begs would resurface into reality. The mind is not alone, they're creatures in the dark depths that claw their way to the surface begging to break through and whisper to the mind their lies of happiness, using the mind against itself. It is a never ending loop, chains that form overtime becoming harder and harder to break.  Soon the coldness of the mind fills the heart leaving it cold and bitter, shattered into shards of glass alway wanting to be put back together but too dangerous to touch. The body's skin turns cold and is numb from the constant internal storms of frozen clouds and soon the soul too fills following in pursuit of warmth, but left rancid in the cold dispairs that have wriggled out from the mind like a deadly infection. Finally this cold infection seeps out into the world like a crimson flood, staining not only the body but others around it, a never ending disease of the mind. It spreads fast, an unnoticed problem without a cure, and slowly it snuffs out the internal candles of the body leaving less and less light in the world. 

The author's comments:

The second poem to my newest book, A Collection Of Thought. A trip the the mind, the body, and we as humans.

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