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An Eyes Perception

March 26, 2021
By Sweetheart-Frog GOLD, Warsaw, Indiana
Sweetheart-Frog GOLD, Warsaw, Indiana
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"We are stronger, together!"

We've always been told the eyes are the window to the soul, a doorway into the minds and hearts of others. Every set of eyes keeps locked away one's thoughts and emotions, a mental barrier not allowing entry.  Some can look through the eyes of others and look beyond their friendly smiles and warm welcomes to see tremendous pain and hurt, or sometimes malicious intent. The way people's eyes see into eachothers is based on their ability of perception, like a secret mental key needed to get past those invisible gates. Some forge their keys from lies and half truths to weasel their way into the self conscious and plant seeds of mistrust and doubt, leaving scars on the soul that never heal. Some keys are made from experiences, forged from that same pain that built the walls, allowing entrance to its city of memories. Perception can be a game, everyone looking for those keys trying so hard to get past each gate and make it into someone's center, that soul, that purity and castle of the mind. They hope to accomplish the impossible, once past one wall there's plenty more, every second another wall can be created, after ones broken it can be rebuilt, stronger and harder making reentry even harder. Walls break, and break, and break, and soon become impenetrable, but eventually people stop trying, leaving others barriers to weaken and collect dust and moss, until finally they can break through and pillage the mind, smashing everything until the souls left a shattered broken mess. Crimson covers the walls of the minds cities, caked on its floor alongside the buildings of memories still covered in raging fires that continue to eat away at the conscious. The eyes hide this, they lock these visions behind blue pools, green forests, and rocky mountain’s, covering up tragedies of wars waged deep in the mind hiding away from the perception of others. Those blue pools can show beautiful oceans teeming with life and hope, but beyond being a raging snow storm of jagged frozen crystals ripping away at everything. Green forest can show long walks upon never ending paths each under the cover of the glorious sun, listening to the birds sing and river streams moving along the forest floor, but deeper into these woods can lie diseased trees, dried streams and the harsh snaps of branches and bones where life has fallen and coated in dust. Each mountain is a challenge, a thrill of adventure leading others to the top, and remaining a rock under their feet, weight gets heavier and heavier as more climb this blissful mountain, until finally it cracks and a landslide crashes down with a thunderous roar of solid stone, hitting hard against the earth. People choose whether or not to see these past the outer facade, ignoring the sometimes obvious hurt lingering softly in those eyes. How does one perceive hate? Do they base it off their own experiences? Yes, but this is poisonous, they need to look outside themselves. Not all experience the same things, or feel the same in the experiences they share, but this should be a default perception, to be blinded by their own pain and not empathize with the others who have also hurt. Pain is pain, it cannot be measured, or compared, only discovered and talked about ,venting. Open their own eyes, open your eyes. Open your perception to the world around you, look out into those oceans, forests and mountain tops, preserving their natural beauty. The eyes are their ways to see each other, protect the barriers, build walls together. Kingdoms built with positive perception.

The author's comments:

My third poem in my newest book, A Collection of thought. Thank you for continuing on this journy.

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