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Masque of the Masks

July 27, 2021
By shams2358 BRONZE, Manila, Other
shams2358 BRONZE, Manila, Other
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The cityscape prevails over the abyss

of heart-rending soul-crushing doubts.

But rays of sun can no longer kiss

the residents’ effusive cheeks and mouths.

Muffled is the infant's silvery laugh,

beloved's lips covered by coarse polyester.

A cloth stitched grin in smile's behalf

is perhaps an air pocket for hurt to fester.

The oddities against normality ensue.

Lipstick and blush denied an audience,

while the eyes take center stage.

Windows that can see through the pretence

of those neglected like a forgotten page.

Good friends morph into a generic face

taken no notice of in contemporary terrain.

A hesitant embrace, with some space,

can ameliorate the collective pain.

Let the dapples of empathy accrue.

The author's comments:

Where I'm from, the COVID situation is worse than ever. For those brazen or obligated to step out of their homes, wearing facemasks is imperative. Not disputing the efficacy of masks in slowing the spread of the virus, they do take a psychological toll on our society. I hope that while this piece affirms the "new normal" experiences we've all had, it also offers a proactive perspective to unite and stand together in compassion and understanding.

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