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these subtleties are playing tricks on me.

June 2, 2009
By Luke Britsch SILVER, West Bend, Wisconsin
Luke Britsch SILVER, West Bend, Wisconsin
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I dream a dream quite often.
One of love and romantic ideals.
But I’m sorry to say that it is just that.
A dream.

I scream a scream quite often.
A scream with epic intents.
I hate to realize that no one hears.
It is that and only that.
A scream.

How embarrassing!
Tears falling from my cheeks...

I want out.

I wish life was as simple,
as a street corner and guitar case.

But it isn't.
So I’m lost.
But this time I don't want anyone to find me.
I'm so lost.

I see dream and hear screams.
But I don't look back.

I see tears and I see failure.
But I don't look back.

How embarrassing...
The sob's coming faster.

I want out.

The fear and the loathing.
Is this any way to live?
I don't think so!
But I believe they do.

One upon a time.
Everything is once upon a time.
F****** fairytales.

Roses in guns.
Beside a bloody pool of white.

How embarrassing.
I've sighed one sigh to many...,
My screams have echoed out.

My throat is raw and horse.
My tears have all dried up.

My dreams, now nightmares,
are surreal and coarse.

I'm afraid to sleep.
I'm afraid to scream.
Someone save me,

I'm stuck in the loop,
of an overactive mind.

I've nowhere left to hide!

How embarrassing...

How embarrassing...

The author's comments:
Just a poetic rambling reflecting the teen spirit. The vulnerable side of the teenage spirit.

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