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What Does it Mean to Fit in?

January 23, 2022
By winter275 SILVER, Seoul, Other
winter275 SILVER, Seoul, Other
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He was born alone. 

Perhaps born at the same time 

as another child, or 

right after or before a sibling, 

but still born alone.

He goes to school -- he thinks together, 

yet he is not. 

He just thinks.

He grows up -- he thinks, 

but more, and 

differently, and deeper.

He gets old -- now conscious of

the tick of clock,

waiting for the day, 

and until then making the most of his days.

He passed alone. 

His friends and family were 

around his bed,

but he still passed alone,

as would a leaf in the wind.

The author's comments:

This poem is a generic coming-of-age narrative that I think everyone experiences. Even though it can sometimes feel like we are a big part of other people's lives, and that their perceptions of us determine our self-worth (especially for teens), we are our own person; ultimately, we have the power to shape who we are as individuals and live a life in which we live for ourselves, and not for others: one that we won't regret living. I want this poem to be a reminder of that. 

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