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In side a crippled mind?

June 4, 2009
By hollz BRONZE, LaGrange, Indiana
hollz BRONZE, LaGrange, Indiana
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The sadness in my eyes,
the loneliness that swells inside
it chokes me
restricting my life
cute it out with that knife
as sharp as thy tongue
its killing me and taking my precious life
will it ever cease
I hold my thoughts inside my mind
I'm lost wanting to be found
my heart is bleeding
my blood is pumping
my heat it aches it continues thumping,
and hatred
even though the tears may swell
you couldn't tell that it was only the b3eginning
im past my brink
im ready to break
i hate this falseness take it away
and bury it by the oak tree
you wouldn't know from the start
that i cart all of theses emotions
is there a potion to take it all away
if so give it to me
then everyone will see the person
deep in inside me and not this fool you see before you
and set me free from this crippled mind.

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