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The other side of the blind eye turned

June 18, 2009
By THEendOmega SILVER, Weymouth, Massachusetts
THEendOmega SILVER, Weymouth, Massachusetts
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"A true friend won't stab you in the back when you least expect it. A true friend will stab you in the chest when you most deserve it" - Me

Shadows crawl, envelop the taken
Light in turn, will shy from the forsaken
"All hope is gone, all effort is naught"
their cries will fade into a meager thought.
Such a dreary fate, to be cast away
looked down upon, having lost the way.
We cannot pity them, they deserve more,
they deserve to be led to opportunity's door.
Yet lost they remain, in the annals of the world
an overlooked society, when joy is unfurled.
I cannot help but to share their pain
for at one time we were one and the same.
But here I stand, stronger than before
I had filled that hole, which only sorrow bores.
But for now they remain, unheard, unseen,
with golden potential but with rusted sheen.
Let us now look upon those, that we look past
and know that in dismay, their lives will last.

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Look into it however you like

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