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He wants me not for love

June 24, 2009
By rctriple6 GOLD, Brockton, Massachusetts
rctriple6 GOLD, Brockton, Massachusetts
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I sit across from him
He watches me
I glance at him quickly
He flashes a smile at me

I can't bare to look at him
His dark brown eyes
His dazzling smile
His eyes saying "Love me"

I know he wants me
But does he want me for love?
I love him
does he love me?

I sit next to him
His hand runs up and down my leg
Chills run doen my back
I watch him closely

He runs his hand through my hair
"How soft." he wispers
I smile softly
He runs his finger down my neck

I look into those big brown eyes
"Your eyes are beautiful" he says
I smile softly once more
He laughs lightly

His eyes call to me
They say "love me"
I say nothing to him
I love him with all my being

We go to his house
I sit on his couch with him
He come in close to me
He puts his arm around me

"Come closer" he wispers in my ear
I move in closer with hesitence
He pulls me close to him
I cuddle against his chest

He looks down at me
I look deep into his eyes
His comes close to me
His lips close to mine

He gently kisses me
I return the favor
He cuddles me gently
I love him

I see him the next day
He is sitting in his seat
But their is someone else
A girl like me

He runs his hand
Up and down her leg
He wispers in her ear
I know what he said

I run into the bathroom
I see my best friend
She sees my crying
She holds me close

She left the bathroom
She came back and said to me
"There is no reason to cry over someone who is nothing but dirt"

I smile and laugh
I hug her and say
"There is a reason you are my best friend."

I no longer see him
I no longer hear him
I no longer look at him
And I no longer love him.

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