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June 25, 2009
By MemorialMustangs GOLD, McAllen, Texas
MemorialMustangs GOLD, McAllen, Texas
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Just leave me alone
Why must you go on in that tone?
Can you see I’m in pain?
You’re hurting my brain
Just go out that door
There is nothing more
To say about you
You were never true
Now you just make me blue
You cause nothing but strife
I thought I couldn’t live without you
But it turns out you’re just the flu
Who knew
All the pain you could brew?
How those eyes
Told nothing but lies
I’m still stuck to you like glue
You’re like a tattoo
Painful and forever on my skin
You’re like a bottle of gin
A swig tastes good
But the entire bottle could
Make me sick
You’re just a trick
Of light
You used to be my knight
But now I know you’re actually the evil witch
You were just a bad itch

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