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Just One More Hit

July 3, 2009
By MeganK BRONZE, Burlington, Other
MeganK BRONZE, Burlington, Other
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'Twas yesterday, maybe eons before; there was a small city of potheads galore

And out on the rooftops resounded a geeh, originating from young Daani Bee.

She watched the green slumps, the blue neighbourhood humps

And thought ‘Maybe I’ll give it a see.’

For her boyfriend and buddies were into this trend; Daani herself would not try to pretend. She was curious of this small burning substance that littered her town with malicious abundance.

So she paid her co-worker, one back alley lurker

And instead of one hit tried three.

Then pretty pictures started sprawling, and the heeks started crawling.

It was cool save staring, so Daani Bee stopped all caring.

Climbed onto the roof, a girl quite aloof

Close to jumping right into the sea.

Undeterred she kept trying, new drugs whilst still buying.

Came problems quite fast, pleasure did not last.

So Daani bought more goodies from dealers hiding behind hoodies.

Varieties like speed, consistent like weed,

She tried new things like LSD.

As her problems started piling, deeper and deeper, Daani thought to herself "I think cigs are a keeper.

I can have a little puff when no one will huff.

They calm me and they seem really cool."

But Daani didn’t know she was playing the fool.

For cigarettes are deadly, which was something she was taught.

She learnt it long ago with other things to be thought.

Yet she threw it away so she could spend all her days

Smoking pot with those that lived with this craze.

Since she thought it was harmless and fun, she confessed to her friends under the summer sun.

"Now it’s not a big deal, but I’ve been smoking at work."

But instead of joining, her friends went berserk!

"Why would you smoke?" asked a shocked Molotov. "Don’t you know that it’s not a joke?"

"But like I said, it’s not a big deal," chimed young Daani Bee, "Please don’t fret, or I’ll surely keel."

"But that’s where you’re wrong, young Daani Bee," peeped a friend Diamond. "You’re not just hurting you, you’re hurting us three!"

"That’s right!" cried Molotov, "We love you so much, the thought of you smoking makes my brain crunch!"

So Diamond and Molotov did what any friends would do, and I’m sure it’s the choice you would pick too.

They wrote her notes for support, filling yellow papers with love. The words flowed so easily they seemed sent from above.

When Daani discovered them she cried out with glee. Her next words were inspirational, for you and for me.

"Oh my friends, my dear sweet friends,

Crazy till the very end,

Thank you for my yellow notes,

I promise I’ll try not to smoke.

I won’t pay Kevin any money,

I won’t laugh when things aren’t funny.

I won’t inhale then start to hack.

I won’t smoke pot, meth, cigs, or crack!"

It wouldn’t be easy to quit, this she knew,

But armed with her notes it didn’t seem impossible to do.

She ignored Kevin and her breathing grew easier.

And to those around her, she became quite the pleaser. When times got hard and she was craving a smoke, she stuck to her notes and managed to float.

Love was her drug, she laughed and she hugged. Smiles replaced her twitch,

And I think we can agree, it was a worthy switch.

So let this be a lesson to those young and those sly:

Smoking can kill, and we dare not lie.

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