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The Fallen Warrior

July 4, 2009
By peach<3 GOLD, Portland, Oregon
peach<3 GOLD, Portland, Oregon
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"Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional."

- Unknown author.

They come together,
Shield to shield;
Sword to sword,
Against each other
For fame; for glory.
Yet they both know
That the enemy is not them.
It is within them.
The hate; the dark.
The shadow of the sun,
The death of life.
They are but toys
In a bigger game.
They could be friends,
Yet they're bitter enemies.
And each one knows of
The strength and skill
Of the other warrior.
They look at each
With respect and honor.
But life had put them
Against each other.
The hate returns
To each their eyes.
Piercing each other with
Fierce stares filled with venom.
And the battle continues
Until one of them falls.

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