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Where is this place?

July 21, 2009
By rishro SILVER, Baldwin, New York
rishro SILVER, Baldwin, New York
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The road of gold.
Angels soaring through the skies, through the cotton like clouds. I feel i can reach up and just grab one.
Joyfulness all around. Other beings.
I stare down at the path of gold.
anticipating what's beyond.
Is there an end?
I walk...these seconds of my steps seem to go on for hours.
I reach the end to find myself at the brink of the mystical land.
I gaze past the extent.
I stand there...
I nonchalantly turn around...
The sudden happiness has converted to horror and and fright.
The once cheerful humans that frolicked gone. Dead.
Tortured souls.
To be terrorized forever.
I walk down the road that was once gold...
Staring at the dread enclosing me.
The screams emerge from all around trapping me within my own fear. The angels nor the clouds were there...T'was now replaced with soot and frightful creatures gliding through the thick, leaden space above me.
I see all my loved ones...My family...My lover...
Have seen the death of my everything i fall to my knees sobbing, filled with agony and misery...
Left there with no one I curl up in the middle of this...place...
left to die...

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on Jul. 30 2009 at 5:24 pm
writerscramp PLATINUM, Green Bay, Wisconsin
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wow. that is amazing. please, read mine! i really want to know what an amazie poet like youself thinks! (PREVIOUS ARTICLE Change)