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July 18, 2009
By Briana Kohm BRONZE, Staten Island, New York
Briana Kohm BRONZE, Staten Island, New York
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I look out on the horizon
Where the mixed colors of red, orange, and yellow set.
The cool summer breeze blows my blonde locks
Sending a slight shiver down my spine.
I look out to the ocean the white crashing waves roll up to my feet
And the white powdered sand squishes between my toes.
The sensational smell of the ocean and air fill my nose.
While the taste of the slat water tingles on my lips.
As I stand in this place of serenity and peace
I realize my eyes are closed.
Opening them would only keep me in reality.
Realities were food is scarce and children are sick.
A place where the air is stale and toxic.
A reality in which the only colors of red, orange and yellow we see
Are from bombs going off.
Where the rich take for granted what the poor glorify.
Places were children are beaten and raped.
Where home is not considered safe.
A place were all seems so complicated.
So here I stand with my eyes closed.
In a place were I have no wows.
Here in this daydream I stay hoping that reality will soon go away.

The author's comments:
I feel that we are all trying to escape reality and have a special place we go to when we want to get away.

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