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July 20, 2009
By Enchantress BRONZE, Greenville, Pennsylvania
Enchantress BRONZE, Greenville, Pennsylvania
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"I look to like, but I don't like to look"

The light of the sun and th glow of the moon
Give me the strength to say this to you
I can't tell you how much I love you
How much I care
How much you know I'll always be there
After my past you showed me how to love again
And I love every word you say
Hold me close and never let go
With you it's easy to let my feelings show
You always give me a reason to smile
Whenever I'm down every once in a while
I'll love you forever and I won't forget
That magical day when we first met
I know you'll be there and will always treat me right
And keep me safe when I sleep beside you at night
I know you'll be faithful and I will too
And I'll never do anything to hurt you
You comfort me when you hold me close
And I don't care if anyone knows
Our love will last for eternity
Because together forever we'll always be free
Every second with you is fun
I'm so happy I've really found the one
Forever our hearts will run
Under the moon, under the sun

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