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Our future

July 31, 2009
By Collado92 PLATINUM, Ft.pierce, Florida
Collado92 PLATINUM, Ft.pierce, Florida
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You said your thinking about our future
Well how far does that go
A week
A month
A year
Or has it past
Was it yesterday
Did it pass and become history
I don’t want to become part of your history
Your past
I want to build and be your future
Your present
I see myself as your girl
Your wife
Well that’s far down the line
But the point is its on my mind
Yours that’s what I don’t know yet
How don’t I know that you aren’t trying to play me?
And smooth talking me
To win a little thing
Now what about the bet?
Almost slipped my mind
But how could I forget
What’s up with that?
How do I know that this isn’t apart of that?
Look don’t get me wrong
Because I could careless about the bet
Besides yawl thinking I’m easy like that
Don’t mistake my kindness and flirty-ness with sluty-ness
It really just all comes down to the facts
How do you really feel?
Or is it just all an act?
Because I want to feel you
On every level possible
But how can I do that
If I don’t know if it’s real
I can’t make a clear conception of what it is that you want
I mean I hear you and what you say
But I guess I must be confused
Because I don’t know what to do about you
I don’t want to build something that I know will brake
And I don’t want to build something on a weak foundation
Because it will soon become a pile of frustration
And temptation to be demolished
So id rather start off fresh and have this relationship polished
And kept it to the best it can be
With no games
Or lies
If that isn’t what you want
Or if that isn’t what you are
Then go
Don’t step to me and try to be with me
When all you really are is a fool in disquise
I really don’t have time for another heart break
My hearts been through enough pain
I don’t need to be abandon again and left out in the rain
I’ve seen enough storms to last me a life time
And to drive me away
But I’m willing to follow my heart
Rather then listen to my head
And commonsense
Maybe I will do right this time
Maybe you could be the man I need
Weather this relationship succeeds all depends on you and me
But we will just have to see
If your fake and phony just let me be
Because I just fine doing and being me

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