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Here we go again

July 31, 2009
By Collado92 PLATINUM, Ft.pierce, Florida
Collado92 PLATINUM, Ft.pierce, Florida
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Here we go once again
Another guy
That I thought would be right
He’s been perusing me for some time now
Three, four years
Quite awhile I say
But as I start to grow feelings for him
The feelings he had for me seem to be fading away
And I think
More like I know
His ex
Is getting in the way
She is a girl who has a lot on me
They’ve got history
And from my understanding feelings and emotions as well
And that’s not something I can stop or control
And the jealously of the man I want to be with is kicking in
I envy her for what I can’t be to him
Because his love for her runs deep unlike me
His love for me is shallow
I can see it
Because he doesn’t look at me as he would her
I wanted to be his one and only but she has that spot already filled
She is his ride or die chick
And I’m his right now
But the thing is I fell in love with him
And I don’t know how to move on without
I’ve fallen in love with a player
A con
A guy in love
A guy in love with a girl who isn’t me
I can’t erase his history
Just like he can’t erase mine
We both have experience with the opposite sex
No doubt about that
And we are bound to be stuck on someone who we just can’t forget
But see I have tried to move on from the ex that had me stuck and wedged in the past
Because I wanted him instead
But look were I am at now
My luck has run dead
I probably would have been a good idea to tell him no
When he wanted to become my boyfriend
Because he was nothing but a dead end

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