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I have a question for you

August 1, 2009
By Collado92 PLATINUM, Ft.pierce, Florida
Collado92 PLATINUM, Ft.pierce, Florida
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I have a question for you
Because I must be confused
You got my head quite mixed up
Not knowing what to do
Because now that I want to be with you
You seem distant
Maybe all it is a miscommunication
To how and what you feel
I thought you were all for being and going out with me
I don’t get it
Am I doing something wrong
I like you, I really do
And being with you is what I want
But that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what I need
Because I know I am better then this
All of it
Including falling for a guy that has already fallen for someone else
That’s just stupidity
You fell for her not me
Although I wish it was
But the truth of the matter is I can’t change it
I don’t know how
I don’t even think it’s possible
I wouldn’t even want to try to change it anyway
Because I know it wouldn’t accomplish anything
It isn’t worth the time
You are not worth the time
All of it is a waste of time
It should be a crime
To try to make girls fall for you, you know
It really isn’t right
I almost lost sight of things
Almost completely fell for you
But thing is if I had you
I mean fully
Instead of sharing
I don’t think your love would even complete what I need
Or if it would even satisfy any of my needs
I should just take this as a sign
That it isn’t meant to be
That I am wasting my time
Time that I don’t have to figure you out
Time I don’t have to waste on a guy like you
A guy who acts like a boy trying to be a man
If I can’t have all of you
And emotionally
Then I don’t want any part of you
So from here on out we are officially through
Everything about us is
Was pretend
So the answer to my question no longer lies in your hands
It’s a common sense answer
I’m no longer your girlfriend or even your friend
Baby it’s the ultimate end

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