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The Widow

March 23, 2009
By Maureen Dolan SILVER, Palm City, Florida
Maureen Dolan SILVER, Palm City, Florida
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He told her he would return one day

To the woman of whom he cared
She looked at him suddenly with

Those eyes in a seemingly vacant stare
“You say that you love me, then why do you go?”

She asked from a faraway place
He told her he loved her so much it hurt

And that he needed some space
So he looked at this woman

That he loved so dear
And resigned to the fact that he would not

See her for many a year
He took in her beauty
For she was magnificent so
Every hair on her head to the shape of her lips
No one more beautiful hed know
But it wasn’t just beauty that puzzled him
No sir, not true, no way
The way that she smiled turned him to dust
And would eventually kill him some day
It was as if she knew something more
A secret none else could whim
And it was slowly killing him softly
The fact she wouldn’t tell him
So he said, “I’ll be back my beautiful dear
Don’t let me trouble your mind.”
Then he sat on his horse and he fled
The house and the woman he loved behind
She stood on her doorstep with
A single gleaming tear on her cheek
And promised herself that over this man
She surely would not weep

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