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July 24, 2009
By musiclover71 ELITE, Hutto, Texas
musiclover71 ELITE, Hutto, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"Normal is overrated." - Gregory House

Sometimes I get this feeling
Like I'm scared
Like I'm falling
Like I'm soaring
Like I'm going to burst!

My friends sometimes they make me angry, but mostly happy, sometimes they are my everything, sometimes
I'd rather be


I can't have guy friends because they all end up thinking up I like them when I don't.
Sometimes i fall in love so hard it hurts because they don't want
me back or they do.

I want to write what I feel and I do so in code.
I do, so you have to decipher it to know me.
I hide in my room, in my head, just to see who has the strength to pull me out, the wanting to have me in their world.

I want to be someone's world, I want to be someone's everything, someone other than my parents or my brother, or my grandparents.

I want to play someone else for a while. Play the other woman, play the opposite of me. Or maybe the little kid of my heart.

Sometimes i get so crazy I space out and people think I'm ignoring them. Sometimes I feel too much and react too loudly but so softly.

sometimes i talk too loud even though you can't hear me. I say the wrong things and mess up everything. I make the wrong moves the wrong faces.

and yet everything end's up being..
just fine.

It's easier to act as someone else then acting as yourself.

I want to play music and hear it until I know everything, every word, every song, every beat. I want it until my brain is fried and yet I'll still have it playing in my heart.

dancing is like a treat to me because music is my drug. dancing i can do but let me show you how i do it, let me show you my way, how it should be done.

let me tell you I love you, I like you, I want you, I need you; let me tell you, you're beautiful, you're funny, you're my best-friend; let me tell you everything I know and everything I feel, have felt, have thought.

sometimes, i want, to just say LISTEN TO ME!


dance when there is no music or when there is, dance when people are watching or when they are ignoring you.

feel what you can, what you will, and what you let yourself.

let's just stay this way forever.

i ramble and its nice sometimes because , let me tell you, i can express myself better when i ramble, and I know if you let me you really want to know me.

i want to stay this way forever.
you want to stay this way forever.
we want to stay this way forever.

on & on & on....

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