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Are we just friends?

August 7, 2009
By Anna Altinger SILVER, Friendswood, Texas
Anna Altinger SILVER, Friendswood, Texas
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Are we just friends? Or are we more? Did we have something special? Or was I just another girl? You smile at me, and deep down, I care for you. You sometimes make me think that a thing like love exists, but being torn again and again is like unmistakenable bliss. You seem like you're fine, and act like nothing happened, was I really that bad?! You moved on right away, it was like nothing, or so you say.

I felt like a speck of dust, just floating around, why don't you love me? I thought you cared! What we had was special, but why couldn't it last?! The relationship we had was amazing, but was it such an easy task? But on that day when you said "NO MORE, NO WAY!" My eyes began to burn and my heart began to drop.

It's not easy to mend a broken heart, or so they say. It seems that if you've felt this pain you'd want to run away. You'd probably be sad and maybe even mad, but one day you'll find that guy; the one who meets your heart's desires. He will be, your handsome prince charming, an amazing prince charming he'll be.

The author's comments:
every girl and guy at some point in their life experiences heartbreak. i wrote this piece because i know everyone can relate.

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