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The Man, the Girl, and the Forest

August 3, 2009
By Loki(norsegod) DIAMOND, Sapello, New Mexico
Loki(norsegod) DIAMOND, Sapello, New Mexico
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As the sun did shine,
a man, ha walked a path,
towards the trees,
to find, perhaps, a new life,
down he walked, down the line,
when a young maiden approached him, hath,
ye time to listen sir, to a story, please,
my tale is full of woe, miser and strife,
I have no one to hear it,
so could you listen in,
why certainly, said he to she,
I’ve got all the time you need,
she smiled, why thank you sir, she said, then her lip she bit,
this is more a tradjedy, it started with an argument that I could never win,
I was married once, and happy, though I could never see,
what filled him full, was lust and hate, and other things like greed,
and when I found these things, locked inside his mind,
I tried to leave, by telling him then,
that he was out of time, a test I had for him,
he must proclaim his love or leave, thats what I said, oh yes,
he did not like that, not at all, so he handed me some rind,
and told me to be on my way, so I yelled at him, quite a din,
I called him out, his petty life, of my doing his every whim,
well no more, I said, and so I fled, till my sides began to heave,
and tht brings me to now, and though I hate to ask,
I could use some things I need,
and a companion, with whom I can walk,
and if you have a story, I would gladly hear it through,
why not, he said, and pulled out did he, some food and wine, let us bask,
for a minute, he said, as my story starts with a bead,
a merchant, he found me, and we began to talk,
and offered me a string, he did, with but a single bead of blue,
so bautiful was it, that I bought it then and there,
but poor am I, it set me back,
quite a bit of work, so I quite my job, and headed north,
so here I am, talking to you, a stranger on my path,
A bead, you say, said she to he, of blue and beauty wrought,
oh yes, a bead, said he, I keep it here, along with me, in this old knapsack,
may I see it, she questioned, I mean only to admire uts worth,
of course, he said, and drew the bag close, only to find, it wasnt there, much to his own wrath,
oh dear, she said, though no use crying now,
why dont we travel together,
I’ll try and help any way I can, and try to have some fun,
and graciously, he did agree, and from there they did run,
the story ends, their lives fufilled, and how,
they later wed, under the trees, lived there for quite some time, maybe forever,
A moral? Well, there iant really one,
except that when you walk alone, you will always find someone.

The author's comments:
This was fun to write, mainly because its on the cheerful side of the spectrum, not like my other works. It lengthy, too, which gives you a chance to picture it a little clearer and allows me to give it some more depth.

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