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Broken Hearts

May 10, 2009
By Kelsey Ottmann SILVER, LaGrange, Maine
Kelsey Ottmann SILVER, LaGrange, Maine
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I watched her drive away that night.
Tears streaming down her face.
Alcohol anesthetizing her fears.
My common sense was thrown to the ground.
Why did I create a distraction?
I thought I was lending a helping hand
I didn’t know where she was going
I didn’t know why she fled

But now it’s the morning after,
And I can still taste her on my lips.
Flooding my memory of the night before.
My bed still holds the impression of her body.
She was just here.
Where is she?
I throw up my sheets.
Tear my bed to pieces.
Scream her name until my words leak raw.
Why can’t I find her?

And then I spot the car keys.
My memory flashes before my eyes.
A car crash. Dead on impact. Her crushed chest.
Life lost.
Something inside of me breaks.
Sobs rip through my body.
My legs can no longer support my weeping frame.
I fall into a crumpled heap.
Blood stops flowing through my fragile heart.
My head is threatening to explode with every thump.
My veins soar out of my body,
Entwining around my neck and threatening to strangle me.
The emptiness echoes throughout me.
Reminds me of what I’ve lost.
She’s gone.

But she can’t go.
There are to many questions left unanswered.
To many words left unsaid.
Accident or suicide?
I may never know.
She was entangled so deep she couldn’t get out.
Not even for me.
Now I am questioning the great perhaps,
And everything I ever knew.

Straight and fast.
She soared out of the labyrinth.

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