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August 26, 2009
By IrisGF DIAMOND, Birmingham, Alabama
IrisGF DIAMOND, Birmingham, Alabama
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The tree trunks
Coiled around one another
Twisted together
From a tight-knit growth
Their leaves fall
At the same season
Their tangled roots
Drink up the same rain
As it soaks into the earth
And their limbs reach out
To the same spot of sky
An unyielding attachment
Lies within
The spiraled tree trunks
The beauty of
Two beings
Growing and living
In a sweet embrace
Is that too much to ask?
Another trunk twisted around
Another being
By my side
Beneath the same spot
Of sky?

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on Jan. 28 2010 at 4:24 pm
Poet_in_Motion PLATINUM, Sharon, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
"Love one another." –George Harrison (his last words)

"and down they forgot as up they grew" –e.e. cummings

"The sea is just a wetter version of the sky..." –Regina Spektor

I love this. It's beautiful.

on Jan. 11 2010 at 9:06 am
crazygood533 BRONZE, Woodstock, Connecticut
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Favorite Quote:
-->"Nothing makes us so lonely as our secrets." - Paul Tournier

-->"I'd rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I'm not." - Kurt Cobain

-->"We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same." -Carlos Casteneda


on Sep. 4 2009 at 5:59 pm
Valkyrie SILVER, Vernon Hills, Illinois
6 articles 0 photos 6 comments
wonderful. absolutely exqusite. can't wait to see it in the magazine.