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one day

September 14, 2009
By LadyLove0615 BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
LadyLove0615 BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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one love can only be so strong.
one love with so many things that can go wrong.
Two hearts that beat the same rhythm.
one girl that just wants to be with him.
one world that crumbles when he's missing.
two eyes that cry only when he's away.
one girl that gets to kiss him.
to bad he couldn't stay.

one heart can only take so much.
one girl that cant stand to miss his touch.
two people that claim forever&&always.
one girl that has to many bad days.
one boy who doesn't see.
to much pain is overwhelming me.

one girl who waits for that special day.
One boy who didn't show up to say.

((he loves her))

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