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Lone Wolf

September 17, 2009
By azvampiregirl SILVER, Mesa, Arizona
azvampiregirl SILVER, Mesa, Arizona
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To one's self, a lone wolf,

Laid back, but ready to fight,
Hardworking and ambitious,

Dreaming for the day I long for.

Emotions are most of the time kept in check,

Eliminating all the feelings on the surface,
Quiet and calm, keeping to myself, just as I like it to be.

Crazy and excited when I play race car videogames,
It is a great adrenaline rush; I love to watch action movies.

As big blasts of explosions and gun shoot outs gets my blood rushing.
I however love to relax at the park and feed the ducks on a cool day.

I listen to different types of music except rap, as I think it's obnoxious.
Don't like hanging out a lot, so I have a small group of friends.

Silence is needed when I read books.

A cage surrounds me when I scan the words,
At hand is the wondrous portal between fiction and reality.

Every moment I swirl into the paranormal or the past.
Medieval times pull the strings of my heart.

Infinite possibilities of being in a different world are easy to come by.
Thinking that when I have vivid dreams,

They likely could be my past lives.
I'm however locked in reality with no where to turn.

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