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October 9, 2009
By rengeki SILVER, Carrollton, Ohio
rengeki SILVER, Carrollton, Ohio
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My past haunts my mind,
My present haunts my body,
And my future lingers in my grave,

Are bright,
But shine more often,
In the night,

But when you look,
Even deeper,
They are people,
The people who stood out,
When your world shook,

The people who's deeds shine the most,
When the clouds come close,

The people who look at fear,
And stand their ground,
Then grab your arm,
And wipe the tears,

They will tell you everything is alright,
Even when they themselves are unsure,
But unwilling to end the fight,

And have you ever noticed,
How many roses there are,
Because we all are,even though i am left to assume,
That many of us have yet to bloom.

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