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First Prize Pumpkin

October 30, 2009
By redcg416 SILVER, Parker, Colorado
redcg416 SILVER, Parker, Colorado
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I lived in the pumpkin patch
By the gate with the golden latch
I was taunted and teased
For I was the color of brown leaves

Yet I grew and grew
And before anyone knew
I was big as can be
Not one pumpkin was the size of me

So then came the day when the farmer took me to the Fair
Kids gawked and stared
Then came my to my despair
A pumpkin larger, just by a hair

And so as the end of the day
Hopes were looking very gray
Then to my surprise
I got a ribbon, a prize

A ribbon great and blue
This couldn’t be true
The first prize for most unique
This can’t be right, is he speaking Greek?

Yes it was true
I got the ribbon great and blue
Now everyone in town
Could tell I was the greatest pumpkin around.

This story has come to an end
Now you know my tale, my friend
Of how a pumpkin perfect, complete
Won the prize for most unique

The author's comments:
I did this for a contest my family was having on who got to pick which pumpkin they got to carve. The only guidlines were to make it fit on a page and be about pumpkins.

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