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Searching Sapphire

November 8, 2009
By Griffinwing SILVER, Manchester, Michigan
Griffinwing SILVER, Manchester, Michigan
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Silver unicorn,
With her long sapphire horn,
And hooves made of night,
Full of mystery and flight.

Her mane soft like cloud,
And her words flow like rain,
Her body may be weakened,
But her heart is still the same.

She is young and new,
What was and what has been,
Life and loss and love,
And that which will come again.

She is the only one,
She remains the last,
She searches for another,
But she is the outcast.

She sings to the moon,
And wonders when,
Her heart’s true love,
To her will send.

She wishes to remained entwined,
In a lover’s perfect arms.
To feel his lips upon her own,
As she is shielded from harm.

She weeps for the children, but never herself,
And weeps for all that she knows.
She wants to do everything she can,
To make sure that gentleness grows.

She weeps for the world and what it has become,
And what it yet may be.
In the shimmering crystal tear,
It’s grieving that you see.

The rest, they are her beloved friends,
And they cannot understand.
She needs someone to believe with her,
And fight back holding hands.

She is bathed in lies,
Yet searches for truth,
She calls out to her kind,
“Where are you?”

For there never was a one like her,
And there will never be again.
She is the one, the only, the swan,
And none shall ever understand.

She does not want to end the fight,
But her search must finally end.
For there is not one like her,
And there will never be again.

So she must try just one last time,
With tired body and mind,
She whispers into the great wide blue,
“Where are you?”

There is no answer upon the wind,
No answer to her cry.
So the sapphire maid lays down her head,
And simply waits to die.

Until a voice heard high proclaims,
“It is not your time,
for love or for death.
Get up unicorn, and you shall see,
That your story has been set.”

So the unicorn picks up her head,
Continues on her way,
She lets someone else take over her search,
To find her love one day.

Though she seems to travel alone,
There may be another’s heart,
In which he shall make the unicorn safe,
And it is hope they will never part.

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