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oh dear brother

November 12, 2009
By BaBii_GhErL PLATINUM, Wasilla, Alaska
BaBii_GhErL PLATINUM, Wasilla, Alaska
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Loving someone who doesnt love u is not wrong its just painful!

i remember ur face like a blur
I dnt remember the day I last saw u
I dnt know what u wore, how ur hair was like, I dnt even remember the way u smiled,
But oh so dearly I wanna remember…
I want to remember anything about u that is real
the day she took u away from me, mom,dad and the rest of the family…
everything just seemed to be falling apart from there
u were the one who seemed to put everything in place
u were the one who seemed to hold this family together
u kno everytime mom tells the story of that day
I hear the pain hurt deeper and deeper in her heart
She loved u more than she loved any of us it seems
U kno she thinks about u each and every day when she wakes up
Especially after what we found out recently about u
I hear u’re not living so peacefully in heaven…
I hear ur a great person even up thea but they aint treating u fairly
So I guess the heavens aint as good as they say and tell us it is
Plz come to me in a dream if u need help
I dnt promise to make everything better
But ill try my best…
oh dear brother I wish u were here with us now
Cause I wonder how would our family be if u were here to help us everyday
I kno our lives wouldn’t be so stressful especially for mom and dad
i hope u see and kno that they miss u so much…
as all of us also miss u
I dnt even kno how much mommy and daddy miss u…
I just know tat they do miss u and love u more than I do cause u’re my brother
But ur their child
If u could trade ur life for mine…I would…
If I coulda died for u I wish I would be dead while your at home making mommy and daddy happier that I do
I dnt even kno the last time they told me they were proud of something I did
I kno I haven’t been their greatest daughter
But I dnt understand why they treat me the way they do
When I aint even their worst daughter either
But oh well parents minus will be parents rite
Oh brother I wish so dearly u could be there for my wedding…
Its not long from now so oh plz watch me from above…
to see me move on in my life and start my own family with the man i love...
I think I have found my one so plz give me ur blessing from above
brother u would love him if u ever did get to meet him
Plz protect our family and not let nothing bad come to us
oh brother plz watch over us
i hope to meet u up in heaven one day so dnt go no whea now...

The author's comments:
this is written for my deceased brother...its been a long while since he has passed but i miss him like it was jux yesterday...oh so dearly i miss u my brother...i will mke sure u get the justice u deserve...

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