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December 1, 2009
By BaBii_GhErL PLATINUM, Wasilla, Alaska
BaBii_GhErL PLATINUM, Wasilla, Alaska
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Loving someone who doesnt love u is not wrong its just painful!

This love is true
It began with you
The one sent from above
& showed me love
Your love so Devine
Happy to know your all mine
I always sit and reminisce
About all those times I used to miss
How you held me so tight
So warm through the whole night
No one can replace you
Need me to do anything & I will do
Let’s grow old
Until our story gets repeatedly told
Our love so unique
oh those times we spent by the creek
Let’s never part
Because forever you will always have my heart!

The author's comments:
*Dedicated to my fiancé…I just wanna let u know baby that I love u and how much I treasure you so dearly, lets grow old holding each others hands & when I die I will be waiting for you by the golden gates of the holy heavens waiting to be reborn with you, to again become your wife!!

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