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John Lennon

December 8, 2009
By MONKEE426 GOLD, Minnesota, Minnesota
MONKEE426 GOLD, Minnesota, Minnesota
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Favorite Quote:
Live--So Live It To The Fuller

Circa 1940-1980
Liverpool to New York to India and back again
With Paul, George and Ringo
Shaking the world from vinyl to stage
Sardonic, sarcastic
Facetious and fab

The Spaniard in the works
Writing furiously
With wit so dry and
Acid-dripping tongue
In the lonely hearts club

Lennon the walrus
Lennon the eggman
Lennon, "We're bigger than Jesus"

Genius, hippie
Visionary, hack
Saint, devil
And everything in between

Lennon, marching to the beat of a different drum
Lennon, with Yoko and the plastic band
Lennon, fighting his own private war
In Strawberry fields and down Penny Lane
It's "Lennon and McCartney", not "McCartney and Lennon"

Lennon, with a psychadelic Rubber Soul
Lennon, with a Revolver in hand
Changing the world one chord at a time
Imagine that
(It's easy if you try)

Clean shaven to moustache to scraggly unkempt beard
Bed-ins for peace and joy
But mostly love
Because all you need is love
This is the stuff of legends
This is the legend

Turn off your mind and float downstream
Lennon's coming to town

The author's comments:
John Lennon is one of my favorites artiest. this is just something to say thank you to him for every thing he has done and still doing every if he is gone now

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jkhjk said...
on Jan. 19 2011 at 9:10 pm
jkhjk, -, New York
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I really like this. It says a lot about him and I like how your writing style meshes perfectly with the words you are saying.

=D Good job!