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The Lake

December 23, 2009
By Persona BRONZE, Hanford, California
Persona BRONZE, Hanford, California
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There is a lake in this world that neither small, nor at all what one might say is particularly large.

This lake is surrounded by a vast open plain that encompasses the entire outer rim.

In this plain, there is a large family, living in a cottage just beyond the line of the lake and the plain.

Now, the family visits this lake often.

It was, familiar to them.

There are rocks coming from it's surface for the children to jump off, plenty of islands to explore, the water is crystal clear, and there are plenty of fish to catch from the lake.

On the plain, just outside the lake, the sun glistened in such a way that although you could only glimpse it, the setting would shake one's very essence.

The wind blew blow firm and gentle, accompanying the water in cooling the area without wrecking it.

Often, children threw rocks into it.

Sometimes they skipped, sometimes they splashed, and still other times they quietly sank into the lake.

No matter the throw, each rock created a ripple.

These ripples echoed across the lake.

No matter who has thrown it, each rock lies at the lake's bottom as a rock.

These rocks, will never cease to be rocks, nor will the be removed, as the lake is very deep.

The family took photos by the lake, shared memories by the lake, and lived happily by the lake.

However, at the end of each day, the family, whether they had come to the lake or not, would return to it's cottage.

For this, the lake became very lonely.

It envied the plain.

The plain watched the children tucked to bed at night.

The plain watched the first yawn of the morning.

The plain watched their meals.

Further, the plain enjoyed watching the same things the lake could view and even further beyond than the lake could see.

Once, the lake laughed a mighty laugh.

The family noticed that what were once ripples and splashes became waves.

Some became scared.

Still, others threw more, amused.

Yet, even more still threw more rocks in hopes of stopping the waves.

Others jumped in, to experience the waves.

The water of the lake was slowly disappearing.

The waves were swallowed by the tall grass of the plains.

Soon, the lake was nothing, save a puddle.

Though, eventually, the water rose to the sky and rained down renewed.

This time, running within the very rocks that has sent it there.

The lake had become a river, starting from the same small trickling geyser that had begun it's life as a lake, running across the diameter of it's former self.

As more water continued to flow, the river soon made it's way through the plain.

It now ran by the house eventually ran outwards and surrounded the formerly encompassing plain.

Some of the family dared to ask the former lake, "Why is it that you were laughing?"

The river responded, "I realized that it doesn't matter if I'm not a plain, though I may object. While I may never have everything I want, it is better to be fulfilled and to achieve happiness, not fantasies and needless impossibilities."

The family reacted.

The family laughed.

The family cried.

The family scoffed.

The family locked up.

The family was indifferent.

It really is... the silliest little story, isn't it?

The author's comments:
The first thing I did the morning of writing this was rush for a pen and pencil, as to not forget my dream.

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