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My apology/ truth

December 20, 2009
By Collado92 PLATINUM, Ft.pierce, Florida
Collado92 PLATINUM, Ft.pierce, Florida
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I'm sorry
I'm sorry for the pain i caused you
The lies
The tales, I told
And even the hurt your going through
I failed
I proved the promises i gave you, wrong
The faith you put into me, gone
My intentions were good, I swear
I wanted you plain and simple
I needed you like air
I wanted that spot beside you
And i was doing all I could to get there
I wanted to be your women
But i was acting like a little girl
I wanted to be the person you could come to about anything
The person that would always be there reguardless of whatever came our way
Truth of the matter is what i did was out of stupidity
Foolishness for you
I regret the way I handled it
My feelings
My emotions got the best of me
None of which were fake
The only unture side of me was him
In my mind i was done
Emotional detachment and all
The relationship was through although it continued on
And that happend because I wasn't strong enough to tell him up front that I was moving on
So when you asked if I was cheating or if there was something going on with him and I
My answer was no
It was half the truth
i left the rest unspoken of
And yeah I messed up, big time at that
But I didn't want you to leave
Abonden me
Or be "just freinds"
That scared me if not the most
To be alone without you
And now i belive you want no part of me
Although deep down emotionally I know you do
But if you really want to get over me
Let me know right here, right now
I'll leave for good
Just know I'm here now and I want to make this work
If I'll be back?
I doubt it
Letting you go isn't as easy as it seems
But if I have to move on without you
I should be okay
There's a reason for everything
In my life or not,life still goes on...

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