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January 1, 2010
By LeilaniLives PLATINUM, Fort Wayne, Indiana
LeilaniLives PLATINUM, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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"They say 'Life's two steps forward and one step back' - But what if I tripped and fell down the whole flight of stairs?"

Won't you save me from this place?
This set of tears that stream my face
A lonely feeling without a trace
of smiling left within this place

Won't you help me fall asleep?
These eyes of sadness reach so deep
Instead my heart just wants to leap
To end this feeling and fall asleep

Won't you make me forget it all?
I'm sick of watching you simply crawl
Upon your knees, begging, stall
The pain I feel can I forget it all

Won't you just slip me away?
I've been upset within the day
As night grew, it still did stay
At 4am you can't slip away

Won't you let me dream a dream?
Where happiness is mostly seen
Like last night's dream was my favorite scene
I want to drift back to that dream

Won't you let me live my life?
I'm killing half my heart's supply
I doubt I'm even getting by
There's a chance I'm killing my own life

Won't you give me back the peace?
Piece by piece you tear up me
I need the flow of harmony
Sleep, I need you, my only peace

The author's comments:
It's new years day, 4am, and I'm still awake, hurt, and wishing someone were still awake to talk to.

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Louis GOLD said...
on Jun. 19 2010 at 8:40 am
Louis GOLD, Paris, Other
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Too much isn't enough.

This is an excellent piece of writing! I'm so impressed! The words flow so easily, they really made me feel something strong! I wish there were a melody to accompany the whole. Bravo!