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A Sestina Spoken to Life

January 25, 2010
By Drown_Me_In_Blue DIAMOND, Brooklyn, New York
Drown_Me_In_Blue DIAMOND, Brooklyn, New York
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Step off the world’s edge to stand among the stars,
Like a flower on the precipice, trembling in the wind.
Do not fall, but spread your wings;
Heartbreaking beauty turns to tears
As we drift apart in silence,
Gathering, downcast, the shards of the heart.

Few things are as fragile as the heart,
Seen under the unchanging light of stars,
Where we let our sorrow grow in silence.
Borne upon a somber wind,
We weep alone, these tears
Selfishly overflowing to stain these vainly beating wings.

The brilliant moonlight silver-dusts our wings,
Carrying us far from our mortal heart
And marking valueless these earnest tears
Wept for the pain of life; Like a child crudely sketching stars,
I write my wish upon the seven-colored wind
And let my pure grief die in silence.

Someday, I will paint with the five hues of silence,
And let these luminescent wings
Spread out to catch the rising wind.
Every step I take strengthens my heart
And I will let my voice ring even to the stars,
Banishing forever these overflowing tears.

The world that exists beyond my tears
Hangs in an expanse of thunderous silence.
This cruel dream of autonomy is sent to the stars
As the heaven-born currents catch my wings,
Whirling my towards the sky’s wild, azure heart,
Carried like a prayer on the knife-sharp wind.

If your heart is not satisfied, trap the wind
Between your hands and loose those pent-up tears,
Spilling forth everything that is in your heart.
My world rests upon the silence
That is born from the noise of beating wings
And echoes in the darkness between the stars.

Devoid of tears, our road continues westward and eastward, even in the silence;
I want my heart to love this dazzling world beneath my wings
And continue dancing, forever, on the wind beneath the stars.

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